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Earlham College is a Top 100 National Liberal Arts College located in Richmond, IN, a small city that's just a short drive away from several major metropolitan areas including Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Chicago.

Richmond and Earlham have a symbiotic relationship. Through research, studies, internships and volunteering, Earlhamites offer Richmond expertise and service as Richmond offers our students the chance to gain valuable, real-world experience. Our community assumes no religious affiliation but follows Quaker principles and practices, which include respect for persons, integrity, a commitment to peace and justice, simplicity, and consensus-based community decision-making. Earlham is committed to and proud of being a diverse and inclusive place most clearly visible in our student body: 20% of our student body are international, coming from 60+ nations in 2022, and 24% are domestic students of color. Faculty and staff also bring tremendous diversity to the College; many have lived and worked outside the United States, and they make a point of drawing on those experiences in their interactions with students. Additionally, Earlham makes it a priority to serve as a safe and welcoming place for LGBTQ+ communities and has a four-star rating on the Campus Pride Index. Our community is characterized by respect for every person and a commitment to social justice. Equity and inclusion are central to Earlham's institutional priorities and our leadership is committed to widening the path to an Earlham education.

Earlham College is seeking a Director (or Senior) Director of Japan Programs to join our team!

Summary: Earlham College invites applications for Director of Japan Programs. Earlham is one of the nation's leading liberal arts colleges and is dedicated to furthering education and scholarship about Japan. The Director of Japan Programs is responsible for administering Earlham’s study abroad programs in Japan (Japan Study and Japan SICE) and other duties related to Japan-related program development and outreach. This is a full-time Administrative Faculty position.

Desired start date is mid-summer 2024.

This is mostly an in-person position based at the Earlham College campus in Richmond, Indiana, with the possibility of occasional remote work.

This position includes both international and domestic travel. This position is eligible for sponsorship for work authorization.


Core program management (50%)

  • Management of two core study abroad programs:
  • Japan Study: Established in 1963, this program is a year-long student and faculty exchange program managed by Earlham College with participants from institutions of the Great Lakes Colleges Association and the Associated Colleges of the Midwest, in cooperation with Waseda University in Tokyo.
  • Japan Studies in Cross-Cultural Education (SICE): Established in 1973, this is an Earlham College semester-long program based in Morioka, Japan. The SICE program combines assisting English classes at junior high schools in Morioka with studying Japanese and learning about Japan at Iwate University.
  • Management of the core postgraduate professional development program, Earlham College Assistant Language Teachers (EC-ALT), a yearlong program for graduates of Earlham and other colleges interested in developing professional background in teaching English as a second language.
  • Recruitment and selection of ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) for Morioka city and Tanohata schools in Iwate.
  • Administrative oversight and leadership in program development.
  • Regular visits to program sites in Japan to consult with partners and promote program interests.
  • Interaction with and promotion of program interests among GLCA/ACM member institutions, including managing a schedule or campus visits conducted by the Director and other team members.
  • Maintenance of all relevant program relationships.
  • Recruitment and selection of students for the SICE and Japan Study programs, working with other team members.
  • Oversight of Cultural Internship (CI) placements for year-long (and possibly other) Japan Study participants, working with team members in Japan who handle most of the logistical aspects of these placements.
  • Financial oversight of programs.
  • Oversight of scholarship programs, application processes, and procedures, in tandem with the GLCA, Earlham’s Advancement office, and teams in both Indiana and Japan
  • Program assessment and continuous program improvement
  • Ensuring the completion and filing of proper program reports.
  • Annual Program Director’s Report for all core programs.

Management of Earlham College/Waseda University dual degree program (5%)

  • Administrative management and oversight of the dual-degree program, which allows both Earlham and Waseda students to combine 3 years at their home institution with 2 years at the partner institution to complete full bachelor’s degrees from each institution.
  • Collaboration with colleagues in various Earlham and Waseda offices to ensure the success of this program.
  • Recruitment of Earlham College student participants.
  • Program assessment and continuous program improvement.
  • Annual Program Director’s Report, completed in cooperation with counterpart at Waseda University.

Management of additional programs in or related to Japan (10%)

  • Management of other Japan programs, including: 
  • Multiple, small-scale student exchange opportunities
  • Faculty Exchange (FE) program between Earlham College and Waseda University
  • Faculty Development (FD) program between key Japan Study program colleges and Waseda University
  • Staff Development (SD) program between key Japan Study program colleges and Waseda University
  • Any other similar programs that may be created or revived in the future
  • Supporting, together with other team members, Earlham College students applying for internships in Japan, whether supported by their Epic Advantage award funding or in any other models
  •  Administrative oversight and leadership in program development.
  • Regular visits to program sites in Japan to consult with partners and promote program interests.
  • Interaction with and promotion of program interests among GLCA/ACM member institutions.
  • Recruitment and selection of Faculty Hosts for FE, FD, and SD participants.
  • Providing pre-arrival and arrival orientations and support for exchange participants.
  • Financial oversight of programs.
  • Program assessment and continuous program improvement.
  • Assisting the International Student and Scholars Services team in supporting incoming sponsored (scholarship) students from Japan, such as those on the Grew-Bancroft Scholarship.

Staff and personnel management and development (25%)

  • Direct or indirect oversight of Japan programming teams at Earlham College in Richmond (~2 team members) and in various locations in Japan (~3 team members).
  • Ongoing and active supervision of team members and their respective roles.
  • Holding frequent one-to-one, partial- and full-team members, as appropriate.
  • Conducting annual performance reviews for all regularly appointed team members.
  • Supporting all team members in pursuit of relevant professional-development activities, as their individual goals and program needs dictate, and as funding allows.
  • Recruitment, training, and oversight of Faculty Leaders for one or more programs (especially Japan Study), following best practices in the field of international education.

 Fundraising and program advancement (5%)

  • Continuous fundraising and development of current and new sources of funding for the Japan programs, relevant scholarships, and other related funds, in collaboration with Earlham’s Advancement office and/or the GLCA team.
  •  Maintaining relationships with living donors, as needed.

Additional duties (5%)

  • Additional duties as needed to support the Center for Global Education and/or Earlham College
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